Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ice Bowling

Ok, I wasn't sure if this was going to work, but it turned out fantastically (is that a word?) and the girls had so much fun with it!


* balloons
* freezer
* empty bottles
* food colouring (optional)

I filled some balloons with water and put them in the freezer a few days ago, they took a little while to freeze and I wanted to make sure they were solid before bringing them out to play with. I added food colouring to each one, but please be aware that the colouring will get on hands, clothes etc... when the ice is melting, so if you want minimal mess then just use plain water.

I had no idea if hanging the balloons or sitting them on the bottom of the freezer would work better, so I made some using both techniques to see how they turned out. I just used pegs to secure the hanging ones to a freezer shelf.

The water balloon that was sitting made the best bowling ball - almost perfectly round!

Get some empty bottles to use as bowling pins, fill them with ice cubes (or rice/dried beans etc...) for a great sound effect when they are knocked over!

If bowling on carpet you may want to lay down a long drop sheet (we used a waterproof tablecloth), especially if you used colouring as it will stain. Alternatively you could leave the balloon on instead of cutting it off, then there will be no mess at all :-)

We cut away our balloon and admired our pretty blue ice bowling ball :-)

The girls played ice bowling for aaagggeess, I loved watching Bubble teaching Squeak how to roll and throw the ball xx


The ice ball went outside for a jump on the trampoline.

It ended in tears for the bowling ball, but the girls thought the broken ice was even more fascinating :-D

The other two balloons froze in a tear drop shape (no good for bowling!) so they went into the bath instead.


  1. I love this one sooo cute how did you come up with the idea just amazing :-) from rosie

  2. Thanks Rosie :-) Its a bit embarrassing but the girls and I were watching 'Franklin' a few mornings ago and on that episode they were playing water fights with balloons. The Bear character was holding a water balloon and it looked like a ball, so I wondered if you could freeze them to make them hard enough to bowl with. I think my brain stopped developing after the age of about 6 lol :-D

  3. thats SO awesome! I will be trying this in the future :) !!

  4. great ideas on your blog - I have seriously never thought of putting water balloons in the freezer - love it!

  5. Seriously wicked...what a great fun summer activity. Will def be giving this one a go :)

  6. The blue 'ball' looks fabulous, no wonder it was so captivating. What a great idea.

  7. Wow! This is a great idea. I love the blue ball! I just found your blog and am now a follower. Do you call your kids Bubble and Squeak after pups on Meerkat Manor? Either way, it's cute.

  8. Thankyou Darcy, welcome to the Blog :-) 'Bubble' got her nickname while I was pregnant because she felt like bubbles in my tummy (very busy in there!) and Squeak is usually nicknamed 'Squeaker' because she makes a little noise like a squeak to get our attention (although now that she is older she just yells lol).

  9. Thanks for all of the lovely comments everyone, I was surprised and very happy with how well this game turned out. Will have to be repeated when the weather heats up I think!

  10. Hi but how do we fill the balloon with water? We blow it up then add water through a funnel?? but i tried and was unable to...

  11. Hello! I just filled the balloons the same way you would fill a water balloon, by stretching the top of the balloon so it completely covers the spout of the water tap, and then turning the water on gently until it's as full as you want it. Dont blow the balloon up first though or you'll end up with a bit of a fountain! :-) Hope that helps, let me know if you want photos or better directions.

  12. Here I thought I came up with an original idea, and you did this two years ago! LOL
    Great minds think alike. Great idea to use old water bottles. We have a toy bowling set, so we used that. What a fun activity. It is one of our favorites. I love the experiment you did with freezing the balloons.

  13. Lol, our bowling balls are even the same colour! Seriously I think if someone did a study on food colouring popularity blue would win hands down :D Don't worry this happens to me with post ideas as well, bound to happen when creative Mums and kids activities combine!

    1. So true! Funny about blue. We always use blue and red first. I have a TON of green, because it seems to be the last color I reach for, LOL. :)