Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Phonebook Flower Press


* soft centred flowers
* tissues
* newspaper
* cardboard - pieces cut from an old box are perfect
* as many phone books as you can find. If you don't have phonebooks then any big heavy books will do.

Keep your flowers fresh in water or the fridge if not using right away to prevent them from wilting. Cut two pieces of cardboard to a size slightly smaller than your phone books, and do the same with the sheets of newspaper. You could also use several sheets of phonebook pages instead.

Order of layers:
Lay a piece of cardboard, then
Newspaper sheet
Tissue (use several to cover the area if they are small, or alternatively use tissue paper)
Flowers (laid so that they are not touching)

Bubble arranging her flowers.

Tissue, newspaper and card on top.

Then pile on the phonebooks :-)

The flowers take about 2-4 weeks to dry depending on your climate and the types of flowers used. We are storing ours in a wardrobe and will check the progress in a week or two :-)

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