Monday, October 4, 2010

Binocular Hunt


* coloured objects for hiding (we used some toys, but you could use anything; painted paper plates, coloured paper bags with treasures, balloons etc...)
* binoculars (if you don't have any you could make some with toilet rolls)
* paper/notepad
* coloured pencils
* large space - big backyard, house, bush or parkland is great.

I set the girls up with a picnic lunch, and while they ate I hid our toy bunnies nearby but out of sight.

I drew a checklist last night for Bubble to use, if pictures of your objects are a bit tricky you could just draw some coloured dots. Show your child the checklist, arm them with their binoculars and head off on your binocular hunt!

Bubble finds her first bunny.

Ticking off her checklist :-)

Looking for more.

I love her little 'ticks' next to each picture!

Squeak was not even vaguely interested in hunting rabbits and spent all afternoon feeding her face instead - also a very enjoyable pastime! :-D


  1. Hi Caz:May I ask where did you buy these cute rabbit?

  2. Hi! They are a part of a bunny bowling set I bought the girls for Easter a few years ago. Ive done a search to see if I can find a link for you but can't find anything, sorry! They came in a cute little gingham fabric basket with a soft ball, the only tag I can find on them says 'Gemmy Industries'. Will pst a link if I come across them anywhere again!