Saturday, October 23, 2010

'E' is for Ears

We are up to 'E' on our sounds wall this week, and our activity today was a matching one. Bubble enjoyed it and had fun swapping the ears around before gluing them in the right places - quite hilarious :-)
There was also a lot of incidental learning going on - which animal had the biggest ears, what kind of animal they were (zoo, farm etc...), what their ears were used for (eg: the elephant uses his ears to cool down and display the way he is feeling as well as hear with).


* paper
* textas/pencils
* scissors
* felt sheets (you could just use paper or card instead though)

I cut our animal ears from felt, but you could easily use paper or card instead.

For our worksheet I drew animal faces and omitted the ears. You could also use net images and print them out, then cut the ears from the sheet.

Bubble matching and gluing her animal ears.

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