Saturday, October 2, 2010

Button Up

This game is great for developing fine motor skills and was really easy to make. This one took me about an hour to do, but a simpler version with only one sheet of felt/fabric would take no time at all. I made this one into a pocket using three sheets of felt just so it was a bit more portable.


* felt sheets (you could use any fabric, the thicker the better though)
* coloured buttons
* coloured embroidery thread

You can find the inspiration for this craft activity here on Counting Coconuts (Button Turkey) - how cute is it?!

Take three sheets of felt, sew the buttons of your choice to the front of one sheet and then sew a second piece to the back of it so it becomes one panel. Use the third sheet to create a pocket by sewing to the back of the panel but only on three sides (leaving an opening). Alternatively you could just sew the buttons to a single sheet of fabric/felt and skip the whole pocket thing :-)

Side/inside view.

Cut some simple shapes from your felt/fabric, fold in half and cut small slits in the centre of each.

These can then be used for buttoning practice.

Bubble found it really tricky but stuck at it, I was really proud of her. She also enjoyed matching the coloured shapes with the coloured buttons.

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