Sunday, October 17, 2010

Playdough Volcano

Bubble is completely and utterly fascinated with volcanos at the moment, so we had a bit of a volcano day today. I'll load some other activities we did a bit later, but this one was by far the most popular - the good old vinegar and bi carb erupting version :-)


* playdough coloured with allspice
* narrow jar (spice jar)
* bi carb soda
* white vinegar
* Glad Wrap (if you want to protect your dough)
* red food colouring
* drop sheet and old towel (if doing this inside)

This morning we cooked up some playdough and coloured it with about half a bottle of Allspice I found in the pantry that had expired. It smelt amazing and gave the dough a brown/dirt look that was perfect (I think cinnamon or cardamom would work great as well). I then cleaned out the spice jar and used it to mould the playdough around to form a volcano. I didn't want to waste the dough by getting it all wet so I also covered it well with Glad Wrap.
I cleaned out the spice jar and then three quarters filled it with bi carb soda. In a small jug we added white vinegar and a bit of red food colouring.
You could also use a shot glass, narrow drinking glass or small bottle instead of the spice jar (anything that will fit in the centre of your volcano and wont leak).

Bubble poured in her vinegar and we had volcanic action :-)
Once then foam dies down you can keep pouring in vinegar to get more eruptions, until all the bi carb is gone. We got 7 altogether just from our little spice jar!

Afterwards we cleaned up our 'lava' with an old towel and Bubble played with her new scented playdough.

What is that delicious looking greenery our dinosaur is tucking into I hear you ask? Why yes, it is our very impressive crop of cress :-D
(post about growing cress found here)


  1. You're so cool! I keep wanting to do everything you post about - thanks for sharing!

  2. Aww thankyou! Im so glad you are enjoying the activities :-) I dont think Ive made one of these volcanos since primary school, it was a lot of fun.