Thursday, October 14, 2010

'D' is for Dinosaur - making fossils

The week for 'D' to be the letter on our sound wall couldn't have come soon enough, Bubble is right into dinosaurs at the moment. She loved everything about this activity - from getting to squish clay to making her dinosaur 'fossils'.
First we squashed the clay into little puddle shapes which we pretended were mud. Then our dinosaur came stomping along looking for his dinner and left his footprints behind. We made imprints of every part we could lay flat - his arms, legs, tail and face - they turned out great! We have left them to dry for a few days and then they will go on display in Bubble's room.
Mr Bubble&Squeak was home today so while Squeak had her nap Bubble and I walked up to the library and found some books on fossils to read a bit more. Bubble was excited to find pictures just like our dinosaur footprints, and even more excited to see volcanos!


* air drying clay
* toy dinosaur
* books about fossils (if you want to do some follow up)

The head imprint looked very cool.

Foot, tail, skin, and leg imprints.

Arm and tail 'fossils'.

Fossil footprints like the ones Bubble made.

I think astronauts on the moon heard Bubble's joy when we found the chapter about volcanos :-) This picture was great for showing her how volcanos work.

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