Thursday, October 14, 2010

Growing Cress

Cress is awesome. It grows in 6-10 days and doesn't even need any soil - even I can grow cress. Bubble is very into Dirt Girl World and I figured we couldn't let the minor detail of having no garden stop her from growing something herself. If she eats it I'll be even happier :-)


* flower pot (you could use anything or even nothing at all, cress isn't fussy!)
* cotton wool (you can also use damp paper towel laid flat)
* watering can (or mister/spray bottle)
* cress seeds
* dark cupboard

Stuff your pot with cotton wool. If using paper towel, just dampen it and lay it flat.

Water until nice and damp.

Add your seeds (not necessarily as many as Bubble did, she's an enthusiastic gardener).

Place your seeds in a dark place for a day or two until they have sprouted, then bring out into the light. We put ours in the spare plates cupboard since it rarely gets used! Keep the wool damp and you should have cress in 6-10 days.

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