Saturday, September 18, 2010

Water Beads Continued ...

Last month we discovered water beads at Paddys Markets and had a heap of fun with them (post about them found here), so much so that I had ordered more for future playtimes. We filled a tub with some water last night and added three different colours this time, as well as the orange ones we originally had. By this morning we had a lovely squishy rainbow to be played and experimented with :-) Bubble had so much fun, it is a cheap, enjoyable and environmentally friendly way to have a great sensory experience!


* water beads (ordered from Ebay)
* tub
* water
* small toys (we used jumping frogs and plastic shapes from a shape sorter)
* spoons
* plastic bowls
* dropsheet (we used a picnic tablecloth from the supermarket)

The beads after being added to the tub.

And the beads the following day - whoa!

Bubble doing some 'cooking'.

This was beetroot soup apparently :-)

I buried some plastic shapes from a shape sorter amongst the beads and Bubble went on a hunt for them.

Found them all!

This progressed into a game with some jumping frogs, who were hiding in the water beads calling for help.

Luckily Bubble rescued them :-D

Then the frogs climbed up the side of the cubby and jumped back in like acrobats - they sure were clever frogs!

Bubble experimenting with squishing the beads.

There were many casualties.

And eventually feet were involved!


  1. Oh my gosh! That is so fun!! We've played lots with water beads but never with our feet. I love it!

  2. We have been having fun with crystal water beads, and I would have never thought to bring them outside. Good to know they are safe for the garden. I hope you come by and share this tomorrow at The Outdoor Play Party.