Saturday, September 11, 2010

Plastic Bottle Lava Lamp


* clean empty bottle
* water
* funnel
* food colouring
* bottle of oil
(I just bought the cheapest one they had, which was about $3)
* Aspro tablets (make sure to keep these up high until you are using them, just in case small hands get a hold of them. Alker Seltzer tables also work just as well)

I've seen these made a few times on the net and have been keen to try it out. Both girls helped make the lava lamp (or bottle I should say) and Bubble and I chatted about water being heavier (denser) than oil, and how they repel each other. Squeak just wanted to shake and roll the bottle around and watch the colours separate :-D

In goes the water.

Then the food colouring.

Then the oil.

Drop in an Aspro and watch the magic :-) We found putting in two or three even better, although it did bubble over a little bit so put down some paper towel!

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