Saturday, September 18, 2010

Felt Coins

The girls have a little play shop that Bubble loves to use and Squeak mainly just likes to trash :-D The problem is the play coins we have - they are a mixture of real coins, plastic coins and milk bottle lids and all of them are choking hazards for Squeak who loves to put things (anything and everything I should say) into her mouth. I've been keeping them up high which isn't much fun for Bubble, so yesterday I made her these instead - some felt coins. They couldn't be more basic, just two felt circles hand sewn together (I traced the top of one of our old baby bottles for size). I didnt add any detailing so they can be whatever denomination coin she likes, and they are Squeak proof enough to be left down off the shelf. I have some more cut out in grey fabric as well to represent the silver coins, just have to get them sewn up now!

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