Monday, September 27, 2010

Sightword Spotlight


* simple 'one word' style childrens book
* paper
* scissors
* markers
* blutack
* torch

This game is great for teaching children sightwords and letter sounds. I cut 3 sheets of paper into 12, then wrote words from a one word/letter alphabet book on each piece. I tried to choose words that looked distinct or could be sounded out easily (like 'balloon' or 'fish'), you might want to do more or less words depending on the age of your child. Using blutack I stuck the words around Bubble's bedroom and we turned out the lights. We read the book together and when we came across a word that was on the wall Bubble would spell out the letters and then go on a hunt around her room with her torch to find it.

Some of our sightwords stuck up on the wall. I soread them out and put them at different levels on different walls so the hunt was more fun.

Reading our book by torchlight :-)

Sounding out the letters.

Bubble spotting words with her torch.


  1. What an awesome idea! I will definitely be doing this with my two little ones.

  2. Thats a wonderful idea! My daughter got a lovely torch a few days ago and she loves playing with it. And hunting the words around the room would encourage her to read. Will try it this evening :)