Tuesday, September 21, 2010

'B' is for Bucket

Our third project for the 'B' wall today was the word 'bucket', which was quite fitting since both girls have been quite unwell the last few days! We had plans to do other things but had to stay home and keep our germies away from the public, so this was a great little project to spend the afternoon doing while Squeak (finally) had her nap.


* scrap cardboard (we used a flattened box)
* paints and brushes
* scissors
* snap lock bag
* clear contact/laminate or you could just use tape
* small items to go in your bucket (we used brown lentils and shells)

To start with I cut a (very dodgy looking) bucket shape from the cardboard, also cutting a square window in the centre. Make sure the window is slightly smaller than the snap lock bag you have.

Bubble then painted her bucket.

Then she filled the Snap Lock bag with some lentils...

and added some shells as she had decided ours was a beach bucket.

Once the paint is dry turn the bucket over and position the snap lock bag to fit in the little window in the centre.

You could use tape to secure it, but I just cut a large square of clear contact and laid it over the back of he bucket. This held the bag in place but wasn't visable from the front.

Our finished beach bucket :-) I left the snap lock bag opening visable at the side so we could change what was in it if we wanted to.

Bubble hanging her bucket on the 'B' wall.

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  1. Oh! Will have to try it as I love the window and the idea that you can change what is inside! What a great way to display whatever might be of value at any time :)

  2. Thanks Amanda, would love to see the results if you give it a go! :-)