Thursday, September 30, 2010

'C' is for Cookie

My Grandad is going to heavily disapprove of our use of the word 'cookie' instead of 'biscuit', but hey it's 'C' week :-) Today we made these cardboard cookies for the C wall and Bubble had a stack of fun doing it.


* cardboard
* scissors
* child safe glue
* things to decorate your cookies (we used wood shavings, felt shapes, small pompoms and foam shapes. You could also use buttons, sequins, beads, coloured salt or sand, glitter - just about anything really!)

Cookies cut from cardboard ready to be 'iced'.

Our wood shaving 'chocolate'.

Circles cut from felt made great icing, paper would work just as well.

Yum! A whole plate full of cookies! :-)

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