Saturday, September 25, 2010

Silhouettes Game

I have seen quite a few object tracing activities on Blogs lately (if anyone can link please do as I now can't find the posts I am refering to), so a few nights ago I put together a silhouettes game for Bubble to find when she woke up. It was played repeatedly throughout that day and the next before she got bored with it, so we might have to play it again with different objects soon since it was so popular. I made a simple version for Squeak using shapes from a shape sorter and she was surprisingly intrigued by it, going back to it throughout the day to shuffle around more pieces and transfer them from the bowl to the paper back to the bowl again.


* large sheet of paper or a few pieces of paper taped together
* assorted objects for tracing
* marker

Other ideas: you could also spread out a waterproof tablecloth and use whiteboard markers for tracing with which could easily be wiped clean and then repeated with new objects.

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