Monday, September 27, 2010

Felt Circles Memory Game

This game was very easy to make and could just as easily be made with coloured or patterned paper instead of felt. I would also love to make another set using patterned fabrics on the reverse side instead of coloured felt. Bubble enjoyed this game a lot and as a bonus they seem to be doubling as biscuits in the girls play kitchen this morning :-D


* coloured felt sheets
* scissors
* thread and needle
* two circular objects to trace around, one slightly smaller than the other (I traced a glue pot and the top of a baby food jar).

Choose the colour for your backing circle (I used brown because I had a lot of it and I figured it would show up the other colours well) and cut enough large circles to back two of each colour you have. Cut two smaller circles of each colour (including your backing colour if you want to) and either sew or glue to the larger backing circles. Be careful to place the coloured circles right in the middle so no edges show when the circles are turned over.

Other ideas: as well as patterned fabrics you could also do this with one colour of felt but cut shapes to match instead.

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