Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rainbow Eggs

We had boiled eggs with our breakfast today, but as you can see they were no ordinary eggs :-)


* hardboiled eggs (3 minutes in boiling water/egg)
* crayons

* food colouring

* water

* small bowl
* soup spoon or slotted spoon

* paper towel

* drop sheet/old towel

Note: The eggs come out of the water super hot, so use a spoon to drop them directly into a bowl of cold water and leave them for at least 5 minutes or so before handling.

We hard boiled our eggs for 3 minutes per egg (6 minutes all up)

I spread out an old towel before we started in case any of the eggs were dropped accidentally.

Bubble 'designing' her eggs.

The more colouring you put in the water the quicker and more vibrantly your eggs will colour.

Dry with paper towel.

Some pretty special breakfast eggs, or 'rainbow eggs' as Bubble called them :-)

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