Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hammering Skills

Bubble and Squeak are really into tools at the moment since Daddy let them help put together some furniture. All of a sudden everything is being hammered with plastic hammers and every bolt is being inspected with little screwdrivers :-D To save our ears from the enthusiastic 'repairs' happening on the dollshouse roof I set up an activity which was (a little) quieter.


* an old box (shoebox or postage box is great)
* craft matchsticks (if using real ones just remove the heads first)
* sharp knife or ballpoint pen
* toy hammer or mallet (could also use building blocks or a soup ladle etc... if there are no hammers around)

Using the knife or pen make small holes wherever you like on the top of the box. Leave enough room for your child to manouvre their hand and hammer.

Push matchsticks into the holes so they just pierce through the lid of your box.

Bubble hammering in her 'nails'.

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