Monday, September 6, 2010

Racing tubes

Today we made some simple 'racing tubes' for the matchbox cars. I just cut the ends of some paper towel tubes so they could be taped flat to the side of a shoebox (the photos better show how it was done) and we were off and racing. Both girls played with this for hours throughout the day!


* two shoeboxes
* strong tape (we used electrical)
* paper towel tubes
* scissors
* toy cars small enough to fit the tubes

Cut two slits in the end of the tubes so one section can be folded over.

Then tape flat to the side of a shoebox.

Squeak really enjoyed putting cars (and anything else she could fit) down the tubes.


  1. Oh, that`s fun!
    I think that instead of the box we will let the cars run onto the carpet.. or even better.. the kitchen floor... it`s smoother.

    Another great play idea!

  2. This is a great idea! I listed it as one of my favorite posts on my blog today.