Thursday, September 23, 2010

Paper Boxes

These little boxes are easy and quick to make, and can be used in so many different ways. We just used paper but they are much sturdier made out of card, or if you want to reinforce the paper you can laminate it using contact on one side (just be sure to draw your design first if you want the contact side facing outwards). You can make the box as large or small as you like by changing the measurements, ours were done on A4 paper and each square was 5cmx5cm.
Bubble loves making these, today we used them to pass each other 'secret notes' :-)

Other ideas:
* make a paper dice or decorate with stickers.
* use small objects to practice prepositions ("put the ball IN the box", "put the ball BEHIND the box").
* write a different action on each side of your box and tape up all sides to make a dice. Use it to play action games.
* Fill with rice or similar, tape up all sides and use as shakers.


* paper (or card)
* pencils and textas
* ruler
* tape

This photo shows how to lay out your boxes on your page. I added tabs to the outside of a few of the boxes so the box could be taped up easier later.

Bubble gets drawing.

The template cut out and ready to fold.

Fold along all lines and tape sides to create your box. You can leave the top open or tape all sides to create a dice.

One of our boxes with a secret note inside.

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