Sunday, September 19, 2010

Copy Blocks

This game is a great way to develop fine motor skills as well as teaching prepositions. Make sure you both have an identical pile of blocks and take it in turns to be the 'builder' or the 'copier'. Start with simple buildings for your child to copy, and make it more difficult as they progress. Talk about where the blocks are (eg: "look at the orange block, it is ON the blue block and UNDER the yellow block" or for very young children or those with speech difficulties "yellow ON orange").

Other Ideas: you could take photos of different block configurations and put them into a shoebox along with the blocks needed to build them. Then it becomes a game your child can play on their own. Try adding other elements as well, like small dolls or dollhouse furniture ("look, the chair is ON the red block").

I started with some very basic buildings for Bubble to copy.

Easy peasy! :-)

This was one Bubble built for me to copy - talk about elaborate! :-D

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