Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beach treasure hunt

Bubble and Squeak have both been into pirates lately; Bubble gets around singing a pirate song she learnt from one of her favourite dvd's and wearing a pirate hat, and Squeak toddles along behind saying "ahhhrrr!". So today we headed down the beach to have our very own treasure hunt, it was easy and so much fun we will be doing it many times I think!

* small shovels

* small toys from a dollar store (it cost only $9 for all of the ones we used on our treasure hunt; two sea animal toys, a whistle, some sea slime with a whale toy inside, a set of rings bangles and gloves and some plastic bead necklaces)
* small plastic bags (ziplock would be best) or paper bags
* peg basket

I placed each of the little toys into a plastic bag to protect it from the sand, and then while Bubble explored the rocks I quickly buried them in different spots, marking each with a big 'X'. Squeak had fallen asleep during our walk to the beach, but Bubble had a ball discovering the crosses and digging up each treasure like a real pirate.

Other ideas:
You could make your treasures to fit a theme, or create pirate maps to show where the treasures are buried. The treasure doesn't have to be toys, it could be beautiful shells or maybe pieces to a puzzle that the kids can put together at the end of the hunt.

Please Note:
it's really important that you make sure everything you bury is dug up again, and nothing is left behind. If you have a lot of items to bury then mark where they are clearly and keep count so nothing gets missed. Also check the time of day that you are digging so you aren't taken by surprise by an incoming tide :-)

We used the peg basket to sift the sand and find shells and rocks. We also used it to carry our treasure once it was dug up.

Bubble digging up treasure.

Her first find, some play sea animals.

Some sea slime and a toy whale.

It wouldn't be a treasure hunt without something sparkly :-)

More sparkly treasures.

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