Saturday, October 9, 2010

Word Match

This is a basic matching game with a bit of a twist, we used sight words but you can easily adapt it to teach any concept (letters, numbers, shapes).


* whiteboard marker
* puzzle board
* paper
* texta/pen

Choose a puzzle board with the same number of pieces as you have flashcards that you want to use. Using paper and markers make up two sets of matching flashcards.

Spread one of the sets of flashcards out across the floor and place a puzzle piece below each card. I used whiteboard marker to write directly onto our tiles instead of using a second set of flashcards (it wipes straight off), if you're going to do this please test a small area first though and make sure your tiles are sealed :-)

Give your child the second set of flashcards one at a time. Bubble loved spelling out each of her sight words letter by letter :-)

Bubble matching her sight word card to the words spread across the floor. Once your child has found the correct match they get to take the puzzle piece to put in the puzzle board.
You could use a lot of different rewards with this game depending on what your child is interested in; set up train tracks and put one train with each flashcard for them to add to the tracks one by one, make a posting box by cutting a slit in the top of a shoebox so your child can 'post' the cards once they are matched, or maybe cut up a sheet of stickers and use those as rewards with each flashcard.

Bubble filling up her puzzle board piece by piece.

Our sightwords all matched up :-)


  1. This is awesome and I am absolutely LOVING your blog. Your content is so inspirational, thanks!

  2. Thankyou so much :-) I read your Blog today through the Childhood 101 link up and was equally impressed!