Sunday, October 3, 2010

Containing the Mess

Some days it's just too cold or rainy to be outside for messy play, so why not try containing the mess in the bath? We do this often, especially if I have jobs around the house that really need doing while Squeak sleeps. I find messy play is the best way to get a good half hour or more of peace, but then there is the mess to clean up at the end which kind of defeats the purpose. Doing messy play in the bath though means a very quick and easy clean up, not just of the play area but of the child as well if need be!
Today was one of those days, the floor needed mopping and it was far too cold to be outside doing the activity Bubble had chosen - water beads. So we put the plug in the bath, some old towels in the bottom to sit on and she went nuts in there while I got the floors cleaned - wonderful :-)
We do all sorts of activities in the bath on wet and windy days - playdough, painting, slime, warm water play in a plastic tub - the list is endless.

A nice big mess.

Clean within minutes :-)

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