Wednesday, October 13, 2010

'D' is for Drum

We are up to the letter 'D' for our sound wall this week and yesterday we made these paper plate rattle drums. I made Squeak's for her and she painted it, but Bubble was able to do her own threading as well as painting. The drums were a hit with both girls, so much so that we were woken at 4.15 this morning to the sounds of someone drumming in their bed :-D


* two paper plates per drum
* twine (or string, wool etc)
* hole punch (or scissors/ballpoint pen)
* childsafe needle
* dry pasta/rice
* sticky tape
* paint
* chopsticks or similar (for the drumsticks)

Place your plates so that they are facing each other, top to top (so you get a bubble type shape). Using a hole punch or a ballpoint pen go around the edge of both plates and punch holes about 2cm apart.

Using twine or string and a childsafe needle your child can then thread the two plates together. When there are only a few more holes to go push some dried pasta inside and then finish sewing up. The pasta is what makes the rattle noise when the drum is played.
We actually put rice in one and pasta in the other, the one filled with rice though had to be sealed around the edges with tape to stop the grains escaping!

Bubble gets painting.

Squeak painting her rattle drum.

I tied a loop of twine to the top of Bubble's drum so that she could wear it while playing. It made a great sound!

I left Squeak's drum without a loop as she is a bit small to have anything around her neck, she loved putting her drum on the ground and table and bashing away :-)

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