Monday, October 25, 2010

Food Paint

After the success of our eggplant painting yesterday we did a take two today with a couple of other colours added. There is really unlimited possibilities for this activity, we just used what we had in the fridge. Both girls had a lot of fun with it, the strawberry paint was Bubble's favourite because it smelt absolutely delicious!


* white paint
* mortar and pestle
* cardboard
* marker
* food to colour the paint.
YELLOW: orange peel/zest
PINK: strawberries
PURPLE: blueberries
GREEN: spinach

Bubble counting out some spinach leaves.

Painting with the spinach paint.

Three blueberries and some white paint.

Bubble squashing blueberries and Squeak 'helping' with her foot :-D

Doing some purple blueberry painting.

The strawberry paint smelt so good!

The photos dont show the colours very well unfortunately, but we ended up with some great results. The sun is yellow paint made from orange zest.

Yellow orange zest paint and strawberry pink paint.

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  1. Beautiful! I'd want to eat them though! Maybe I could make some paint with cream cheese instead of white paint and make edible artwork!

  2. I love nature based stuff like this, great for experimentation

  3. That's a great idea Anne! I'd go some painted toast in the morning :-D

  4. such a cool idea. I like the creamcheese idea too. You could paint pictures on pita bread then eat it!

  5. I love how the colours are so subtle. What a great way to learn about colours

  6. "I like the creamcheese idea too. You could paint pictures on pita bread then eat it!" or Mountain bread even. great idea for a lunchtime activity and yummy too.Edible artwork indeed.

  7. Mmmmmm..yum...painted toast with cream cheese and strawberries!!

  8. Wow, thankyou Michelle, that is my first Blog award :-) Will make sure I complete the steps in the next few days, looks like fun!

  9. Such beautiful colors. I'm sure my boys would love something like this!

  10. Very cool idea to paint this way. Thanks for sharing,

  11. This is really fun! I'm going to link back to this post in my Friday Favourites on my blog today.

  12. Really cool idea! The pictures came out neat and it's always a plus that they smelled good!

  13. I love that you are letting the children use the mortar and pestle, I have honestly never thought to do that. We have a heap of mulberries from our tree, guess what we'll be doing with them :)