Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Page Maze

Mazes are a great way to improve fine motor and writing skills. Make them enticing by using pictures of things that interest your child (such as a train heading for a station if they are in to trains) and encourage them to use the correct pen grip, go slowly and take their time. These are the first mazes Bubble has done and I think she did a great job!

Other ideas:
This would be a great activity for teaching letter or name writing skills, just design your maze to resemble the letters (or shapes, numbers etc...) that you are teaching.
Once you have drawn your maze you might wish to laminate it or put it into a plastic sleeve. Then your child can practice on it using a whiteboard marker and it can be wiped clean to used over and over again.
Older children might enjoy using a timer and seeing if they can beat their best time without the pen touching the sides of the maze.


* textas/pens
* paper

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