Monday, October 18, 2010

Triangles and Pyramids (Part 2)

Another volcano/pyramid activity, this time using straws. This was lots of fun, we'll be doing it again tomorrow and trying out other 3D shapes, like cubes and maybe a sphere if we get very ambitious!


* straws
* scissors
* ruler
* marker
* blutac (could also use plastacine or playdough)

Cut some straws into equal lengths. To make the job a bit easier I laid our straws along a strip of blutac on the table, measured along them in 5 cm increments and then drew a line across with permanent marker.

Using the pen lines as guides Bubble and I then easily cut the straws to the right length without having to measure each one.

Roll some balls of blutac.

You can now use your straws and tac to create 3D shapes. Bubble was fascinated by the triangles in the pyramid and counted them all.

Bubble making her own volcano structure.

Looks like an active volcano to me - so very cute :-)

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  1. My girl is mentioning pyramids these days! This is excellent idea and so easy!