Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Texta Tube

Well, we used textas, but you could use anything really - pens, pencils, chalk, crayons. This was actually Mr Bubble&Squeak's brilliant idea when he had craft time with Bubble a few days ago, she enjoyed it so much we did it again today :-)


* toilet roll or paper towel roll
* small elastic bands
* scissors
* textas/crayons/pencils/chalk

Place your rubber bands around the tube, wrapping until they are quite tight. Slip your textas underneath the bands as evenly spaced as you can get them.

Using scissors cut small tabs top and bottom between each texta. These tabs will hold the textas in their positions so they dont go all wonky.

Top view of the tabs cut and folded down.

Bubble drawing rainbows and 'roads' :-D

She also discovered that the texta tube makes excellent dot pictures.

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  1. such a simple yet great idea! I'm trying this for sure! thanks :)