Thursday, October 14, 2010

Magic Sponges

I found these magic water sponge things in our local craft shop recently and HAD to try them - you put them in water and they grow, cool right? I could barely contain my excitement at bathtime; we filled a little fishbowl with warm bathwater, put it on the side of the bath and Bubble dropped in some magic capsules. And... nothing happened :-D
So then I did what I should have done to start with and actually read the packet. Little bit deflated to find that the capsules took up to five minutes to work their magic and the little sea animals took hours. Poop.
We kept watching the capsules and slowly they started to unfold (or 'hatch' as Bubble called it :-D). At first the shapes looked more martian freak than farm animal, but after a few more minutes we had some pretty well formed animal sponges. Not the huge gigantic life like sponge creatures I envisioned, but still pretty cool.
The sea animals we ended up leaving overnight and they did grow quite big. Bubble spent about an hour playing with them in a tub of water this afternoon and had a great time.
On the whole I was a little disappointed with our magic sponges, mainly because I was expecting the impossible, but Bubble thought they were ten shades of wonderful (which is what's important... I guess :-D). For $3.99 a pack though they were well worth it!

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  1. my kids love these things I use to buy them for the girls all the time.Great idea and the kids get soooo excited