Friday, October 15, 2010

Love Notes

Bubble (and sometimes Squeak if she feels like sitting still for a minute :-D) and I play this game all the time. Bubble herself started it all because of her fascination with drawing and gift giving, and now it's something special we all enjoy doing.
We sit somewhere together, like the cubby or lounge, and write little notes, passing them back and forth. The other person isn't allowed to peek and once you have written your message you have to fold the paper up as small as you can so that they can unwrap it like a present. Sometimes I write things, sometimes I draw pictures of things they like, sometimes I do both. And sometimes I cut up little surprises like stickers or pictures from magazines to hide inside - it's lots of fun.
I not only love the closeness this activity gives us but I also love seeing what Bubble draws for me. Today she drew me a 'dragon' every single time, but they were always a different colour.
I know I have a limited time frame where my children will value love notes from their Mum like they do right now, so Im enjoying it :-)

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