Friday, October 22, 2010

Spitball Painting

I know, sorry, not a very glamorous name but not sure what else to call this activity!


* wide straws
(thickshake straws seemed to work really well)
* watered down washable paint
* tissues
* apron or art shirt (this activity is messy!)

Tear your tissue into pieces and roll into compact balls.

Push tissue into the end of the straw until it is wedged in firmly, but not too far up inside that it cant be dislodged.

Soak the tissue in watered down paint until it is nice and soggy (as all spitballs should be :-D).

Position your straw over paper and get blowing!
Bubble actually found this tricky to start with, although she can blow bubbles, candles etc... this action is different because you have to seal the straw with your mouth and blow in a sustained way that she had never had to do before. It took her a few tries, but it was kind of like learning to whistle - once she figured out the right technique she was off and racing :-)

We tried this activity with different types of straws, some worked better than others. The wider and shorter ones seemed most effective for Bubble to use.


  1. This is heaps cool. It looks like lots of fun too. Where do you get all your great ideas?
    Im loving this blog. You should write a book!

  2. Thanks, we definitely had a good time with this one :-) I have notepads full of ideas from working with kids for so many years, very glad to be able to use some now that Bubble is old enough.

  3. This is the neatest thing EVER!!!! My kids will go crazy wild For this!