Monday, October 11, 2010

Dressing Up Game


* paper
* marker/pen
* paperclips
* magnetic fishing rods
* tray/plate/bowl
* dress ups

The idea behind this game is very simple and is great for developing comprehension. Cut your paper into small squares and either draw a symbol and/or write the word for different body parts (eg: head, feet, hands). Fold the cards in half so that the writing cannot be seen and place them all in a big bowl. The idea is that your child draws out the cards one by one and has to find something in their dress up box that corresponds; so for example if they draw the card for 'hands' they need to find some gloves, a wand, some pompoms etc... Keep going until they are all decked out :-)

Other ideas:
Instead of putting our cards into a bowl we added a bit more fun and put a paperclip on each and used magnetic fishing rods to fish them from a tray. You could also tape them to a dice and select body parts that way, or maybe just turn the cards face down and use them like a memory or lotto game.
As well as body part cards I also added others like 'jewellery' and 'bags' so that we ended up with a very complete outfit at the end of the game!

Our cards folded and secured with a paperclip.

Bubble going fishing (the spatula hasn't got anything to do with the game, Bubble just likes to carry it around :-D)

Finding some gloves.

Nice footwear! :-)

I liked our last ensemble the best, Bubble ended up in a princess dress, yellow hardhat, purple pompoms, bottlecap necklace, furry white slippers and pirate pants :-D

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  1. What a great way to add a further dimension to dressing up! A great idea :)

  2. This looks like so much fun, it's almost like charades for dress ups :)

  3. This is terrific! I learned about your site from Childhood 101 and I'm happy to add a link to your post in the November 2 issue of Parenting News, our free weekly e-zine for parents and teachers. If your readers would like to subscribe, please visit Thanks again, and this makes me wish my daughter were this age again so that we could play! Let me know when you come out with the version for teens!

    Maggie Macaulay, MS Ed

  4. Wow thankyou for all the lovely comments :-)
    Christie: charades with dress ups is a great description!
    Maggie: thankyou so much, looking forward to checking out the site and subscribing. Maybe the teen version could involve finding a matching item to put away lol (unless I was the only teenager to 'store' all my clothing everywhere but in my wardrobe!)