Friday, February 25, 2011

Textured Cardboard Road

This activity was Bubble's idea, I was most impressed with her imagination! I am currently in the process of doing up a lovely old desk for our work area and wanted to finish some sanding, so left her to her own devices with the craft cupboard after breakfast this morning. After about half an hour of rummaging she came over with a large sheet of black corrugated cardboard and some scissors and asked "please can we make this a road for me? Por favor?" (big Dora fans in the house ;-D).


* large sheet of black corrugated cardboard
* scissors
* small white sticker labels
* dinky cars

I folded the sheet in half without creasing it and cut rounded edges on the outside and a big rectangle from the centre. This left us with a 'track' shape for Bubble and Squeak's cars to go on.

Bubble wanted 'white things' on her road so we dug out the small labels left over from our Rooms Of The House dice game and she got busy sticking them on.

A road made from corrugated card.

Both girls loved the sensation of the cars bumping over the cardboard, I might try adding to this road with other different textured surfaces (gravel, shredded coconut, glued matchsticks etc...)

We had a strip of black card left over that must have been a remnant from a second sheet of card so I bent each end and slid it under the inner sides of our racetrack to create a bridge.

Heaps of fun had with some scrap card :-) It was also easy to roll up and put in the cupboard to be played with again.


  1. Bubble you are fabulous! The "white things" make the track, love it :)

  2. I love this simple idea for a road! The textures are great too - my son loves bumpy roads!

    I featured this post on my High Five! weekly features.

    Jamie @ hands on : as we grow