Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sight Word Balloons

This was a fun way to practice some of Bubble's sight words, but could be adapted for all sorts of games (letters, phonetics, matching games, numbers etc...).


* balloons
* permanent markers
* paper

First I inflated balloons (without tying them off) and drew one picture/balloon with permanent marker. The pictures were meant to be so small you couldn't tell what they were once the balloon was deflated but I made them a bit too big! Next time I will have to remember to draw smaller.

I cut small pieces of paper and wrote Bubble's sight words on them, then matched them with their corrosponding balloon.

Bubble loved spelling and sounding out her words and then inflating each balloon to see if she'd guessed correctly.

Please note, there was a little mess with this activity as some of the marker came off on Bubble's hands when she inflated and deflated the balloons etc...

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  1. TERRIFIC!!!!! My kiddos love balloons... They will really enjoy this activity!!! Thanks!