Friday, February 11, 2011

Sifting for Shells

We headed to the beach for a family day out today and I took along a scoop that I found at our local dollar shop so the girls could sift in the shallows for shells and stones (and who knows what else!). The scoop is actually meant to be used for kitty litter but was perfect for sand sifting, we've tried this same activity with colanders and sieves before but they were either too cumbersome for their little hands or the holes didnt let enough sand through to make sifting easy. The kitty litter scooper was just perfect and luckily the girls found heaps of great things along the shoreline. I had taken along a bag of washed shells to bury for them but they weren't needed, the beach we were at was already loaded with them!


* kitty litter scoop
* a beach (or sandpit)
* bucket for treasure collecting
* clean washed shells (if you think there may be a shortage at your beach, or if you are using a sandpit).

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