Thursday, February 10, 2011

Painted Leaves

When we were out walking yesterday we passed under a huge tree with lots of fallen leaves and they looked so smooth and perfect for 'making things' with that we stopped to collect a few (umm yeah, don't come walking with me unless you're prepared to carry a bunch of weird stuff at a moments notice :-D). I've been coveting this gorgeous acorn set by Fairyfolk for awhile now and thought we could make a similar activity using our leaves.
This morning after breakfast we painted them with primary colours and I cut circles of coloured felt to fit into the bottom of some small bowls for sorting. The colour matching games were too easy and boring for Bubble but Squeak thought it was the best fun ever finding the right bowl for each leaf and clapping for herself after each one :-) Bubble enjoyed using the leaves for imaginary play and patterning, we even used them to create letters and numbers.


* fallen leaves
* paint
* small bowls
* coloured felt
* scissors

Our painted leaves.

Circles of felt in matching colours for the bottom of our bowls.

Patterning with the leaves.

Creating numbers and letters.

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