Friday, January 28, 2011

14 Ways I Love You - Valentine Garland

Valentines Day is coming up and what better excuse is there to make cute little heart shaped activities! We used an old cardboard box to create a pretty lacing garland for Bubble's wall that she enjoyed threading herself. We will use the garland in the 14 days leading up to Valentines Day to create a keepsake full of reasons why we love her to bits :-)


* thick cardboard (we used the sides from an old box)
* large and small heart shape cookie cutters
* marker/pen/pencil
* scissors
* wool/twine/ribbon
* child safe needle
* coloured contact (we used red)

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I used a large cookie cutter to trace 14 heart shapes onto thick card and then cut them out.

Then made two holes in the top of each heart using a hole punch so they could be threaded onto some wool using a child friendly needle.
(If you don't have a needle check out this earlier post to see how to make one using pipecleaners).

Bubble sat for ages carefully threading and spacing her hearts along a length of wool.

We then hung her heart garland along her bedroom wall above her bed.

Using a small shaped cutter I traced 14 hearts onto the back of a sheet of red contact paper.

On each heart I will write something I love about Bubble to create little 'Ways I Love You' stickers that can be added to her heart garland.

Every night before Bubble goes to bed during the 14 days leading up to Valentines I will give her another 'sticker' for us to read together and add to her wall.
I've also made a garland for Squeak's wall and hung it above her cot, she might be a bit young to know what it's all about but she's definitely old enough to understand that we love her :-)
Im looking forward to adding these to the girl's keepsake boxes and maybe in future years when they are older they can make garlands for themselves or each other.

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  1. What a truely gorgeous idea! Actually it makes a pretty lovely garland even without the stickers - but I so love that idea too!!
    have a great weekend

  2. Awesome, sweet idea! (I should probably start thinking about Valentine's Day...and my sons birthdays that are before AND after!)

    Jessy (Friday Blog Hop)

  3. I can't wait to do this with my school kids. I can see applications for all ages (I have PreK-12). My older (at-risk) kids could list reasons why they are grateful, favorite quotes, positive attributes, and so on.

  4. I tried this one yesterday expect I new I couldn't keep up the contact heart every day idea you had. So I just got my little girl to draw a picture of every person she loved on the heart... truly fantastic idea. I have now hung it from the ceiling and she loves walking through it!!!! Probably one of your best.

  5. Thanks Cate, I love the look of it too without the stickers, Im tempted to leave it up even after V Day!

    Our Side Of The Mountain - wow February is a busy month for you! Hope your boys have wonderful birthdays x

    Marlise - I think this kind of activity would be wonderful for older children, to either write about themselves or their peers. Hope they get a lot out of it, you sound like a great teacher.

    Ta Jen :-) I cant take credit for the garland though, I got the idea from this Etsy Store ( ) which was in an email I got last week - how gorgeous is it! I'd love to see photos of your finished garland with all the little pictures!