Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Felt Flags - Australia Day

Happy Australia Day!

It was a real scorcher here so we kept the girls indoors for the majority of the day until it cooled down enough to head outside. While we relaxed the day away (in true Aussie fashion!) Bubble enjoyed this flag assembly game I cut out for her last night from felt sheets.


* felt sheets (red, white, blue, yellow, black)
* scissors
* air erasable pen

I cut out the parts for making both the Australian National flag and the Australian Aboriginal flag from sheets of felt. The stars on the National flag are very dodgy unfortunately, I didnt realise how tricky 7 point stars are to draw!

Bubble used small pictures of each flag as a guide while she assembled them.

She did a very good job I thought! Bubble really liked this activity and is quite fascinated with flags in general, so I think I will make some more of these to represent flags of other countries.


  1. This is a fabulous idea!! Definitley borrowing this one, thanks :-)

  2. Wonderful idea to make a felt flag! Kerri

  3. Wow, I just found your blog today. Your ideas are fantastic - where to start first lol!?

  4. This one is fantastic! I think I could even manage this.

  5. Thankyou Kylie, hope you have fun!

    Thanks Kerri! My little girl is so into flags at the moment, I think Ive started something big lol - lots of late nights in my future ;-D

    Thankyou for visiting and for taking the time to leave a comment Nicole! Hope you found some ideas you like and that you have a lot of fun trying them out x

    Of course you can, go Jen! :-D I really hope your 7 point stars turn out better than my scary ones though lol.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these activities. I love the felt flag one especially. It will be featured as part of my Australia activities this week!