Thursday, January 6, 2011

Whiteboard Reveal Activity - Phonics Sheets

Bubble LOVED this activity and it was so easy to make; I simply made some picture sheets up for each letter of the alphabet and then laminated them. It took a few minutes to colour over each picture with a whiteboard marker and Bubble enjoyed 'revealing' each one with her eraser. We used the sheet to do phonics as she is interested in learning her letter sounds at the moment, but this idea could be adapted for heaps of purposes such as:
- maths activities; uncovering each picture as you count.
- guessing games; revealing parts of a picture while your child tries to guess what it is.
- learning whole words by revealing one letter at a time.
- creating scenes in a story by uncovering different pictures while you read.
If you don't have a laminator you could easily use clear contact or a plastic file sleeve with the picture sheet slipped inside.


* pictures for each letter of the alphabet (I just googled them)
* paper
* laminator/clear contact/plastic sleeve
* whiteboard marker (the darker the better)
* eraser/cloth

Picture sheets for A, B and C. I just googled the images and printed them out, then laminated the sheets.

It only took a few minutes to colour over the top of the pictures with whiteboard marker once they were laminted.

Bubble loved revealing each picture and naming them - "A is for aeroplane" etc...


  1. Simple and fun, two things I like in kids activities. :)

  2. Stopping by and now following from the Friday Blog Hop. LOVE THIS IDEA! Thank you! Blessings!

  3. Thanks Marita! Me too, my attention span is almost as short as my 3 year olds :-D

    Thanks for Blog Hopping by GL, off to visit your Blog also!