Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cubbyhouse Play - Hospital

Bubble loves playing doctors at the moment, I don't think ten minutes goes by in a day where someone in the family isn't stuck with a band aid or has their blood pressure taken. To give us some reprieve I spent this morning while the girls had breakfast turning their little cubbyhouse into a hospital where she could dispense medical aid to her hearts content :-) Squeak also enjoyed pottering around sticking bandaids on anything she could find!

The little hospital beds are just folded towels - nothing hi tech in this establishment! :-D

As well as the girls medical dress up toys I put together a little tray of things for them to use.

A variety of bandages, bandaids, a dropper and medicine cup and some 'medicine' (tiny pompoms).

The waiting area was packed in minutes.

This poor patient had a broken 'whole leg' - ouch.

It took some practice but Bubble finally got the hang of wrapping using the bandages. I might cut a few to make them shorter next time.

Two of Bubble's patients - takes 'nil by mouth' to another dimension doesn't it :-)


  1. What a jam packed idea...The Doctor is in.. That is so cute.. You should have people give you a few of their bandaids for your Dr's supply tray.. I have Toy story, scooby do bandaids..That way you wouldn't have to buy a whole box... What a great idea.. I loved it~!
    ta ta for now from Iowa

  2. Love it! What a great way to encourage imagination through play. Love how you used the pom poms as pills! Kerri

  3. Thanks Tigger, good idea, I might hunt down some samples or something! I bought cheapies from our local chemist but next time I think I'll get the plastic type rather than the stronger fabric ones - a little too sticky for teddy fur :-D

    Thankyou EBB! I love imaginative play too, almost as much as the kids I think :-)

  4. Thanks for such a wonderful idea! My daughter is also loving playing Doctors at the moment. I think I will be setting this up for her in her cubby (which coincidentally is identical to yours!) soon. And I too love the idea of the pom pom piles!

  5. Thanks Nic, hope you have fun playing hospital! How cool that we have the same cubby, I love the size of it it's perfect for the littlies isn't it. Although you may have noticed I took to the front bit with a hacksaw lol - those rails were too tempting for climbing up the side of our balcony! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment :-)