Monday, January 17, 2011

'G' is for Garden - Celery Prints

It's been awhile since we did a letter on our phonics wall so today we picked up where we left off - with the letter 'G'. Bubble enjoyed doing some vegetable printing and there was a lot of fine motor practice involved putting our little rose garden together.


* paint and brush
* whole celery cut close to the base
* paper
* scissors
* mini skewers
* green ribbon
* tray (we used a foam tray from some fresh produce)
* playdough
* blutack

Cut a bunch of celery close to the base so that you are left with a flower shape for printing with (and eat celery stalks, of course :-D).

We started out doing sponge printing but it didnt work very well, so we used a brush to paint the ends instead.

The celery leaves a great print which looks a lot like a rose.
Once the prints were dry we cut them out so we could create a garden with them.

Bubble preparing our 'garden bed', she really enjoyed pushing the playdough into the corners, making it flat and then 'digging holes for the flowers' with her fingers.
We made a similar type of playdough garden a little while ago ; Sensory Garden.

To create leaves on our flowers we tied short lengths of green ribbon around some mini skewers. Bubble can't quite tie knots by herself yet but she had fun trying! I did the crossover and then tuck under bit with her, then she would pull each one tight. Won't be long and she'll be tying up her own shoes :-)

Bubble put some blutack on the back of each of her flowers.

Then carefully secured them to the top of her mini skewer flower stems.

Bubble planting her little rose garden.


  1. Such a great idea! I may be "borrowing" it to make Valentine's! Thank you for sharing and have a great week!

  2. Love the idea of using the whole celery! Very unique!

  3. Thanks Kristi, it wasn't my idea though, I saw it done at a Kindy I worked at a few years ago :-) They used celery and fennel which both gave amazing prints! I didnt have any fennel but will be giving it a try too one day soon.

    Thankyou Kara, hope you have a wonderful week also!

  4. I just found your blog...thanks for the fun ideas. I also have two little ones and love to see what others do!

  5. Hi Janice, thankyou for your comment and for following, hope you find some good ideas :-)

  6. Marvelous idea! Love how it turned out! Kerri

  7. Thanks for this wonderful idea. The girls are going to love this!!!