Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flood Appeal Sale

Here in Australia we are facing floods in the state of Queensland, a lot of you may have seen the horrifying footage from the flash floods in Toowoomba and the continued flooding in other regions which unfortunately looks set to continue and even worsen. While those in Queensland are displaying bravery and resilience that is simply awe inspiring, the rest of us are all trying to find a way to help any way we can. One Queensland business The Toy Bug is offering their generous support by holding a toy sale with all profits going to the Flood Relief Appeal, please head on over and take a look or spread the word.
Anyone with links to other fundraisers feel free to put them in comments and I will add them here.
Goodluck to those affected in Queensland, we're all thinking of you and hoping for the best xxx

Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal
The Toy Bug Flood Appeal Sale
Family Capers Flood Appeal post
Appliances Online Flood Relief Pledge
Bing Lee Facebook Flood Relief Pledge

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