Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Drawing Board

Recently when we cleaned out our baby things we discovered that the screws and joiners for our change table had been lost in our last move. Not wanting to throw away the boards that made up the top and shelves of the table we repurposed them into 'drawing boards' for the kids to use on the floor and they have been a huge hit! Squeak especially loves using them for things like drawing and playdough and we can use them anywhere inside and outside, such as providing a stable surface when playing games on the bed or for a craft activity outdoors. Living in a small space means that utilising every surface we can find is important and these boards get used a LOT!

Squeak loves using the board surfaces over table top activities as she has better access to everything. For drawing activities I tape paper to the top of the board and away she goes :-)

Often we will lay a few different boards around the room with different activities on them, sort of like a circuit. This is handy for keeping both girls (but especially Squeak) busy while I get a few things done.

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