Friday, March 4, 2011

Velcro Fruit Matching

This game was just for Squeak; we are teaching her the names of foods at the moment so she can ask for the things she wants at mealtimes. I thought a simple matching game might be a fun way to build her vocabulary and give her fine motor skills a work out too.


* Velcro cutting fruit
(you could also use a set of matching flashcards made with images from magazines/the net/old books etc...)

This game is very simple, first I separated the halves from the girls Velcro food.

Then I put out three clearly different halves at a time and pointed to each one saying their colour and name (blue fish, red tomato etc). Squeak didn't have to respond or repeat if she didn't want to, I left it up to her.
I would then give her a matching half and let her find the corresponding piece. At first I used hand over hand to show her how the game worked, but after a few turns she got the idea and matched them herself.

I love watching her cute little toddler hands gripping the pieces and putting them together :-)

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