Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bottle Lid Stamps

It has rained almost constantly this weekend and apart from the odd venture outside to jump in puddles and buy hot chocolates we have holed up inside watching too much TV and passing the time with every game and craft activity we can think of.
Today all the girls wanted to do was paint so I made some quick and (very) easy stampers to give them more to work with. They worked great with our paints but even better with the stamp pads.


* bottle tops (we used milk bottle lids)
* strong glue
* foam shapes (or you could use felt shapes)
* paint/ink pads

The process was as easy as gluing the foam shapes to the tops of the milk lids and allowing a few hours for them to dry.
I think felt shapes may work even better with this activity, we will have to try them next time!

They worked wonderfully with the ink pads. The rim of the lids allowed Bubble and Squeak to hold them easily.

They also worked well with paint if we were careful not to use too much.

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  1. This is a Great way to use up all those lids I have been saving:)

  2. This blog is going to get stalked more and more now that I'm a SAHM as of Saturday!! WooHoo!!!

  3. Great idea! We did the same thing today.. I`ll show the pictures tomorrow. I also used foam but should try felt as well then.

  4. Love it! Will definitely save this one for future use!


  5. Simple and effective. Well, fun too! :)

  6. I did this when my kids were even younger by gluing a square of cardboard over one end of a toilet paper tube (I cut the tubes in half so each made 2 stamps). I glued the stamp shape to that flat end and then the smaller hands had the whole tp to hold onto instead of our tiny wooden stampers.

  7. Thats a great idea Cheldi! We're always looking for ways to reuse toilet roll tubes in this house, will have to give that a go!

  8. So simple and clever! I am loving your blog, I found it today on pintrest and my daughter and I have already done 2 of your activities. I will be returning fun , I love it!