Monday, March 14, 2011

Doll Sized Pom Pom Ice Creams

Bubble and Squeak's new favourite game is playing 'shops'; we've had grocery shops, toy shops and even a sock shop (still finding odd socks everywhere after that one!) but the most frequent theme seems to be the Ice Cream Shop.
We have made ice creams out of all sorts of things - newspaper, felt, tissue paper, cardboard. Today we gave the game a bit of a twist and made some doll sized cones using foam sheets left over from our Valentines Day Lollipops.
The girls spent ages 'taking orders' and making different flavoured ice creams for their little doll friends, it was not only fun but a great fine motor and colour learning activity (not to mention a chance for me to finally get dinner started! :-D).


* coloured pompoms
* spoons
* empty ice cream bowls
(saved from our visits to the local gelati store, but you could use any kind of bowl or cup)
* foam sheets
* scissors
* strong craft glue
* tape
* pegs

We used medium sized pompoms for our play today as they were all we had left in the craft cupboard, but larger sized ones look fantastic as ice cream (check out the play links at the bottom of this post for examples).
Our local gelati store sells their ice cream in cute little plastic cups, we save them and the girls use them for all sorts of play but any small bowls are perfect for a pretend ice cream shop.

We had to have a sign :-)

Yum, this little combination was called Blueberries & Banana I believe!

To make the mini cones I cut circles from the foam sheet and then cut these circles in half. The bigger the circle the bigger the cone size (I used a standard drinking glass to trace around for ours).

Fold the semicircle in half and then join the two straight sides together, slightly overlapping to create a cone shape. Use strong craft glue to fix in place and use a peg to hold it all together while it dries.
I actually used tape and then a peg so that I didn't accidentally glue the peg to the foam (yeah, I have a knack for that kind of thing ;-D).

Mini cones perfect for making doll sized ice creams :-)

A few of the yummy ice cream creations.


Musings From Kim K
- very cute pompom sundaes.
Counting Coconuts
- fantastic ice cream themed sensory tub.
- doll sized sundae cups, love the little sprinkles!


  1. This is such a cute idea and it looks like the girls had lots of fun. Who wouldn't like ice cream shop play. I've linked up to your post on my weekly favorites. hope you're having a great weekend!