Sunday, March 13, 2011

Paper Flying Things

Bubble got up yesterday and informed me it was 'an aeroplane day today'. The weather has been lovely and warm so we packed up some paper and headed outside for some flying fun.


* paper
* markers/textas
* scissors
* sticky tape

We were using recycled forms for our planes so first we decorated our paper using textas to pretty them up a little.

This helicopter was made using the fabulous instructions linked below and flew so well: - The Spinster

Bubble stood on the outdoor table and dropped it so it spun like a helicopter down to the ground.

The paper 'Vortex' was made using these instructions:

10PaperAirPlanes - The Ring

It worked OK but was hard for the girls to throw, it was more of a glider if that makes sense. Still lots of fun and with many uses as you can see...

Bubble decided she liked it better as a crown.

And then as a bracelet :-)

This plane was made using these instructions: - The Arrow

One very fun way to spend an afternoon.

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  1. Looks like great fun! G made the best plane for H this afternoon, it was so awesome I couldn't believe how well it flew, I was even going to get him to do a You Tube video it was that good. It looked a bit like the plane in the last photo :)