Friday, March 18, 2011

Simple Cardboard Crown

Apologies for the lack of posts this last week or so, we all came down with yet another yucky flu and have been under the weather. We managed to fit in a bit of craft today and made a crown, something Bubble has been asking to do since our day of making paper flying things recently. The end result looks lopsided and a little more like a tiara, but she was still very excited about it :-D


* thin card (from a cereal box)
* sticky tape
* texta/marker
* hole punch
* elastic
* glue
(strong craft glue if using heavy decorations)
* decorations for your crown/tiara
(we used glitter and buttons)

Cut your crown shape from cardboard either freehand or using a template printed from the net such as these:
First Palette

Place a few squares of tape on either side of your card where you intend to punch the holes for the elastic to hold the crown on. This is to reinforce the cardboard so it is less likely to tear while being played with.

Let your little princess or prince loose with the glue and decorations and see what they create.