Sunday, March 13, 2011

Paddle Pool Splashing

Peppa Pig is quite a big deal in our house. In fact Squeak has taken to carrying a plastic dinosaur everywhere she goes declaring "Dinosaur, rrrrrrrr!" and for some time now Bubble's most frequently used word has been a snort.
Despite being a lovely hot and sunny 28'c yesterday the girls wanted to 'splash in muddy puddles' a la
Peppa and George style, so we got out the paddling pool and their gumboots and they spent almost an hour splashing and stomping. Very fun :-)


* paddling pool
* gumboots
* big water bottle

It only took a little bit of water in the pool for the girls to be able to make big splashes.

We use an old water dispenser bottle to fill our pool from the tap, the girls love to play with the water as it comes gushing out.

There was a lot of splashing and snorting going on!


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